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Scott campbell (1/16/2014)
Is there a way to tell if your AMC 20 two piece axles have been upgraded to one piece axles without disasembly.

Scott (11/9/2013)
I have installed a chevy 350 and TH350 in a 85 CJ frame with a 95YJ body. How can I hook up the shift linkage to the GM steering column?

Clint Johnson (10/21/2012)
Q: How can i connect my factory 87 YJ tach to my DUI distributor? Original wires are not available.
Q: Are any other vehicles intermit wiper module compatible with my 87 wrangler?

John Hemphill (9/18/2012)
Re: the last comment about the 1973 Jeep j400 pickup, my email address is (if it is alright to post it) is emailhemphill@yahoo.com If not ok, please disregard this. Thanks. John

John Hemphill (9/18/2012)
My brother recently signed me over a 1973 Jeep j4000 pickup. I know it runs to get me to work and back, but beyond this IO know little. I want to know where I can join a good forum on this because there are parts missing that have to do with the shifting from 4wd to 2 wd, but Im not sure what they look like...I think its hurting the gas mileage to keep in 4WD all the time. Thanks.

Jay (8/28/2012)
Is the crush sleeve on the 1988 yj dana 35 the same as for the dana 30 front?

2008 wrangler (6/9/2012)
flat pull behind mh-following manual,7 to 6 pin connection with neg side of battery disc.i get a grould thru the mh to the jeep with the acc switch on i get the led lights on in the jeep.the dealership cannot say if this is norma lthey only think so.looking 4 help--thank you

995jim (1/1/2012)
why would the#1 piston rod cap jam nut want to scrape the engine block. this is a l134 rebuild Im working on. I have the oil hole on rod on the oil fill tube side and the short side of the rod is facing the front main bearing. The rod bollts are 7/16 but originally had the newer 3/8.

phlorentz (7/14/2011)
I have a 1974 DJ5C. I believe that the engine has been changed. It has a number stamped on the left side of the bock. "901 A 13"

krutch44 (5/26/2011)
looking to swap out a dana 44 in a 84 cj-7 its roughly 3to 4 inches narrower is it compatible also have a chance to but a dana 44 for the front with the spring pad built in to the housing looking to swap both into if viable thanks .

jon pollock (5/23/2011)
i have a 90 wrangler with a 4.2 5 spd. i also have a 93 wrangler 4.0 with auto. will the auto bolt to my 4.2?

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