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Jeep Tech: Suspension


Factory Options


Drive Shafts
Transfer Cases


Suspension Tricks

Flip Your U-Bolts: Are you tired yet of dragging, bending, and breaking your axle u-bolts on rocks? Well flip your u-bolts to gain ground clearance and protect them from damge.
3/4 Elliptical Suspension: Craig Meyer's 3/4 elliptical suspension is surprisingly simple and elegant. The tools to build it can be found in most garages and the parts won't cost an arm and a leg.
Big Tire, Little Lift: The best set up for your Jeep is to use the least amount of lift possible to fit your target tire size. Here's how to optimize.
Wrangler YJ Travel Trick: This simple trick can increase the travel of your Jeep Wrangler's rear axle.

Lift Kit Installations

Pieces and Parts Suspension: Since this project is called "Pieces and Parts", you can't expect anything to be normal and this is true for the suspension. The suspension is not radical, but it is practical and should perform well.

Installing a Spring Over Lift Kit

SOA YJ Wrangler Axle Swap and SOA : Chris Waterman tells us how he swapped an early Bronco Ford 9" and Dana 44 into his Wrangler YJ. The transformation was enhanced with a spring over axle lift at the same time.
44ed YJ Scout Dana 44s under a YJ: When evaluated as a hard-core off-road vehicle, the Jeep YJ is often praised for its excellent fuel-injected motor and panned for its weak axles and low, limited-articulation suspension. This is nothing a spring over with Scout Dana 44s won't cure.
CJ Spring Over Axle : John Nutter explains how he did a spring over axle lift on his CJ using YJ springs. His Jeep now easily ramps over 1000 and he saved cash for other upgrades.

Spring Over vs. Spring Under

Spring vs. Body Lifts

Factory Options

Suspension Essentials

Functions of the Suspension

Leaf Spring Jeeps

Full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 Eliptical

All the Jeeps that have been produced with leaf springs, have used 1/2 eliptical springs. There is one arc attached at either end. Lately there has been a trend to use 1/4 and 3/4 eliptical springs on Jeeps to get more articulation. On 1/4 eliptical springs, there is 1/4 of an arc attached at one point on the frame and on the other on the axle tube. The 3/4 eliptical suspension attaches to the frame at one point, to the axle tube, to a shackle that attaches to another 1/4 arc that attaches to the frame.

Full eliptical spring on a horse drawn carriage Full eliptical spring on a horse drawn carriage.

Shackle Reversal

Shackle reversal Pros and Cons of Shackle Reversal : Shackle reversal is one of the most misunderstood Jeep suspension modifications. The pros and cons of shackle reversal should be understood before you spend your hard earned money on a kit.

Coil Spring Jeeps

Articulation & RTI

Solid Axle vs. IFS

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