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Jeep Axle: Dana 30

Dana 30 front

Photo courtesy Rick Boiros

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Factory Options

This Dana 30 features an open knuckle design with 7 1/5" ring gear. Although the same model axle has been used for almost 25 years, they are not compatible. There are numerous various in brakes, hubs, differential orientation, wheel bolt pattern, and width.

The R&P ratio ranges supported by the carriers are 2.72-3.54 and 3.73-5.38 for the standard rotation and 2.73-3.54 and 3.73-4.56 for reverse rotation.

CJ Dana 30s

Early Dana 30s used a 11"x2" drum brake. Disk brakes were optional in 1976 and standard starting in 1977. Between '76-'78 the disk brakes used a large 10-1/2"x1-1/8" rotor. The "big brake" setup uses a 6 bolt caliper mounting bracket that goes between the knuckle and the spindle. The caliper is keyed to the mouting bracket and the rotor should apear wide when looking on edge. Rubber brake hoses with brass banjo fitting end. These rotors, calipers, and pads are compatible with the Scout II.

From 1979-1986 they used a 10-1/2"x7/8" rotor with a 2 bolt to knuckle caliper mounting bracket. From '79-'81 the caliper is keyed to the mounting bracket and uses rubber brake hoses with brass banjo fitting end. From '82-'86 the caliper is pin-bolted to the caliper bracket and the hoses are rubber crimped to steel line.

All Dana 30s from 1972-1980 use a six bolt locking hub. From '72-'78 the factory had Warn Premium hubs as an option. From '79-'80 the factory used Warn non-premium hubs stock. From 1981-1986 they use a weak Warn five bolt locking hub stock. Jeeps built in the 70s with the Quadratrac transfer case will not have hubs at all unless they have been converted to part-time operation. They have driven plates instead. Hubs should not be used with this transfer case unless it has been converted to part-time operation.

Another big difference between the CJ and Dana 30s used in later models is the CJ has the diff case offset on the passenger side and the later models have the diff case offset on the drivers side.

Most CJ Dana 30s will have lock-outs on the hubs to engage or disengage the wheel from the axle. With both hubs unlocked, the axles, u-joints, differential, and front drive shaft do not spin. This is done to increase gas milage, and if a locker is installed in the front diff, it will impove handling on the pavement. Later model Dana 30s either an axle disconnect system or no disconnect system.

The CJ Dana 30 uses the 5 on 5.5" wheel bolt pattern other models use the 5 on 4.5" wheel bolt pattern.

Outer parts (knuckles out) can be switched amoung to different versions of the CJ Dana 30. This means CJs with drum brakes can upgrade to disk and CJs with cheesy 5 bolt locking hubs can upgrade to 6 bolt locking hubs. Later models use different knuckles and ball joints that are not compatible to the CJ Dana 30.

Common gear ratios from '72-'75 were 3.73, from '76-'79 were 3.54, and from '80-'86 were 2.73

Wrangler Dana 30

Dana 30 YJ The YJ and the TJ don't use locking hubs. The YJ uses a troublesome vacuum actuated axle disconnect system. The TJ uses high quality bearings that have very low resistence so it doesn't use hubs or an axle disconnect system. Wranglers use and smaller rotor than the CJ. The TJ also uses a different pinion from the YJ. The TJ pinion uses a crush sleeve instead of shims. This difference made gear R&P selection for the TJ a bit limited at first.

Dana 30 CJ CJ Normal cut Dana 30
Dana 30 YJ YJ Reverse cut Dana 30

A strength of the YJ Dana 30 is its use of reverse cut ring and pinion. The ring and pinion are stronger when they are reverse cut in front axles. The reverse cut axle also provides better ground clearance and driveline angles.

Unfortunately, the TJ does not use the reverse cut Dana 30. It uses a normal cut Dana 30 similar, but not compatible to, the CJ Dana 30.

Dana 30 Axle Disconnect The YJ Dana 30 uses an axle disconnect system that is prone to failure. Often the vacuum hoses the activate the disconnect system will fall off or tear. Sometimes the vacuum motor won't have enough power to engage the sleeve when the gear lube in the disconnect housing gets gummed up. Another problem is that since only one axle is ever disconnected, an automatic locker or limited slip differential can cause problems with the axle and with handling. The drivers side axle is always spinning the differential.

. The TJ has done away with with the system completely which is good in that it is not likely to fail, but since there is no way to stop the differential from spinning, an automatic locker or limited slimp can degrade handling on the road.

The YJ and the TJ Dana 30 uses the 5 on 4.5" wheel bolt pattern. The YJ Dana 30 is of course set up for leaf springs and the TJ Dana 30 is set up for coil springs.

Comanche, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee Dana 30

The Comanche (MJ) and Cherokee (XJ) use a reverse cut Dana 30 and the Grand Cherokee (ZJ) uses a normal cut Dana 30. Like the YJ and the TJ, these axles use a 5 on 4.5" wheel bolt pattern. All of these trucks use coil springs up front.


The Dana 30 front axle was used for a short time from 1971-1973 in Cherokees (SJ), Wagoneers (SJ), and J-Series pickups.

Other Dana 30 Information

Here are some other articles related to the Dana 30.

Dana 30 Disk Brake Conversion: How to convert a drum brake Dana 30 to disk brakes. Some minor Dana 30 differences are documented in this article including differences in spindles, bearings, and brake hubs. This article also explains why the Dana 30 is a good low buck axle upgrade for '45-'71 CJs.


Model/Version Spring Pads Wheel to Wheel Years
Dana 30/CJ Narrow Track 28" 53" '72-'81
Dana 30/CJ Wide Track 28" 56" '82-'86
Dana 30/XJ NA 60 3/4" '84-
Dana 30/MJ NA NA '86-'92
Dana 30/YJ 31" 60" '87-'95
Dana 30/ZJ NA NA '93-
Dana 30/TJ NA NA '97-


Thanks to Joe Schaefer for the FSJ Dana 30 dates.

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Big Joe (12/3/2013)
How can I find 2.73 gears for a 2002 Jeep Wrangler??

steven (7/21/2013)
The wj 4,0 has the dana 35?

Fred stover (11/12/2012)
I have a 72 jeep cj, my question is did they make 2 different thickness 27 spline axles? Having a hard time finding hubs that fit

michael (8/21/2012)
im tryin to figure out if a d30 out of a 99 tj will work on my 87 xj

dave (3/18/2012)
I would love for someone to write an article about if say you have a 1999 wj will your 91 4.10 gear work in the front D30, and your buddys early cj5 or willys with a D44 gear will bolt up. I can't fint info on what years models had thick/thin reverse etc. it would be a great write up including upgrades that are cheep t-case spline year model and # guide such as a 1999 Jeep grand cherokee limited awd full time 4.7 v8 Start I found a low ring &gear from a drum break 1971 cj5 and a D44 from a 4cyl scout and achieved 4.56 gears for $375 that was ordering all new shims and bearings seals collectivly on ebay then converted a 242 t-case sold my 247 for $ 400 and found the 242 for 135 added spline and linkage 4 $148.67 ebay again a stock springs from a JK with 1/2 coil cut from rear and widened my holder for a 3.25" lift and a TW shaft and takeoffs from a rubicon and spank xj's with 35" tires

Albert (1/24/2012)
I recently got a(i believe)1966 jeep with no papers. the engine is a dauntless V6. the problem is identifying the axles the rear ( 3.73) but on the front the identification tag i cant read it appears to be a Dana 30, but the yoke is only 2 3/4 wide where the u joint is 3 1/4 i there another way to identify the axle to insure they are the same and can i change the yoke to a larger one. could you e mail me at chester_app@yahoo.com

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