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Jeep Axle: Dana 27

Front Axles

Dana 44
Dana 30
Dana 27
Dana 25

Rear Axles

Chrysler 8.25"
Dana 35c
AMC 20
Dana 30
Dana 60
Dana 53
Dana 44
Dana 41
Dana 23

Jeep Axles

Factory Options

The Dana 27 uses a 7 1/5" ring and pinion that is only available in 3.54:1, 3.73:1, 4.27:1, 4.88:1, and 5.38:1 ratios in the CJs. It was also available in a 4.10:1 ratio in ohter Jeeps. Many parts of the Dana 27 interchange with the Dana 25. The Dana 27 normally came with the superior Cardan-Cross u-joint type axle shafts, but carrier bearing and ring and pinion are smaller than the Dana 25.


The CJ models that used the Dana 27 include the CJ-5, CJ-5A, CJ-6, and CJ-6A. I have heard rumors that M38A1s were always built with the Dana 25, but I have not been able to confirm this.

Model/Version Spring Pads Wheel to Wheel Years
Dana 27/CJ 28" 51" '66-'71
Dana 27/M38A1 28" 51" '66-'71
Dana 27/Wagoneer NA NA '66-'73
Dana 27/Jeepster/Commando NA NA '66-'71

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