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Jeep Axle: Dana 44

Front Axles

Dana 44
Dana 30
Dana 27
Dana 25

Rear Axles

Chrysler 8.25"
Dana 35c
AMC 20
Dana 30
Dana 60
Dana 53
Dana 44
Dana 41
Dana 23

Jeep Axles

Factory Options

This Dana 44s used in the front of Jeep Wagoneers, Cherokees, and J-series pickups came were close knuckle until the early 70s. The R&P is 8.5" just like the rear Dana 44. Only normal cut Dana 44s have been used in Jeeps.

Model/Version Spring Pads Wheel to Wheel Years
Dana 44/SJ Narrow Track NA 58" '??-'81
Dana 44/SJ Wide Track NA NA '82-'91
Dana 44/J Pickup Narrow Track NA NA '??-'81
Dana 44/J Pickup Wide Track NA NA '82-'87

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