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by Terry L. Howe

These articles were orginally written to cover only axles used in CJs, YJs, and TJs. New information has been added for other models but the work is still incomplete.

Jeep Front Axles

Dana 44: The Dana 44 was used in the front of many full sized Jeeps.
YJ Dana 30 front axle Dana 30: The Dana 30 replaced the Dana 27 and it is still used in all Jeep produced today.
Dana 27: The Dana 27 replaced the Dana 25 in most Jeeps until the early 70s.
Dana 25 front axle Dana 25: The Dana 25 was the front axle of choice in most Jeeps until the 60s.

Jeep Rear Axles

Chrysler 8.25": The Chrysler 8.25" axle has been used in the ZJ (Grand Cherokee) and XJ (Cherokee). Its usage depends on what was available at the factory.
Dana 35c rear axle Dana 35c: The Dana 35c is the axle used in all YJs (Wrangler) from '87-'95 and it is the standard axle in the TJ (Wrangler), ZJ (Grand Cherokee), MJ (Comanche), and XJ (Cherokee).
AMC 20 rear axle AMC 20: The AMC 20 is the axle found in most '76-'86 CJs and '80-'91 SJs.
Dana 30 Rear: A Dana 30 rear end was used briefly in the C101 Jeepster during the 60s.
Dana 60: The Dana 60 rear axle was only used in heavy half ton and better J series pickups.
Dana 44 rear axle Dana 44: The Dana 44 has been used in various forms in nearly every Jeep model.
Dana 53: The Dana 53 rear axle is used in Willys pickups starting in 1956.
Timken 51540: The Timken 51540 rear axle is used in Willys pickups before 1956.
Dana 41 rear axle Dana 41: The Dana 41 rear axle was used from early '46 until early '50 in CJs and Willys Wagons.
Spicer 23: The Spicer 23 was only used in MBs and early CJ-2As.


Thanks to Paul Weitlauf for keeping me honest and feeding me volumes of axle information. Thanks to Tom Hackle of FN Jeep for allowing me to take some axle pictures.

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