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by Terry L. Howe

In order to narrow the scope of work to put these articles together, they were originally written to cover only the transfer cases found in CJs, YJs, and TJs. The scope is being expanded to cover transfer cases used in all Jeep models.

NP242: The NP242, also known as the NV242, is a full-time transfer case used in Cherokees (XJ) and Grand Cherokees (ZJ).
NP231 NP231: Since 1988, the NP231 has been the "Command Trac" transfer case used in Cherokees (XJ), Comanches (MJ), and Wranglers (YJ). It has been the "Command Trac" transfer case in the Grand Cherokee (ZJ) since its introduction. The new Wrangler (TJ) continues to use the NP231.
NP207 NP207: The NP207 was used in the first year of Wranglers in 1987. It was used in Cherokees (XJ) until from '84-'87.
NP208: The NP208 was used in early 80s full size Cherokees, Grand Wagoneers, and J-series pickups.
Dana 300 Dana 300: The Dana 300 was used only in CJs from 1980 until 1986.
13-39 back BW 13-39: The BW 13-39 "Quadra-Trac" was used in the CJ-7 from 1976 until 1979 and earlier in other models. It was introduced in the early 70s in full size Jeep trucks, but it was not used after 1979 in any Jeep trucks.
Dana 20 Dana 20: The Dana 20 was used in CJs from 1972 until 1979. It was introduced in larger Jeep trucks in the 60s, but it wasn't used in any Jeep trucks after 1979.
Dana 18 Dana 18: The Spicer/Dana 18 was used on the first CJs and their military counter parts until 1971. It was also used on all other trucks until around 1965.


Thanks to Paul Weitlauf for some of the Dana 18 and NP207 information in this article. Thanks to Walter Fil, Tim Weldon, and Terry Rust for help with the Quadra-Trac (BW 13-39) section. Thanks to Daniel Regan for some of the Dana 18 pictures. Thanks to Tom Hackle of FN Jeep for letting me take the BW 13-39 pictures.

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