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Off-Your Rocker Off-Your Rocker Corner Guards for Project Pieces & Parts : Project Pieces & Parts gets rid of some ratty corners by installing Off-Your Rocker Corner Guards. These corners aren't poseur aluminum cover-ups, these corners are heavy duty steel diamond plate.
Durabak Durabak for Project Pieces and Parts : For Project Pieces and Parts, Durabak not only provides a tough, skid resistant finish, it hides body work. Applying the product is easy, and the finish is outstanding.
TJ Flares on CJ TJ Flares on a CJ : Don Barker tells us how he installed TJ flares on his CJ to increase tire clearance so he could run bigger meats. They also keep his CJ street legal by providing a marker light and keeping a fender over the tire.
RockWare bumper RockWare Bumper Review : RockWare has recently introduced a new bumper for CJs and Wranglers. The bumper integrates a winch mount into the bumper which gives the bumper a very clean appearance.
Hood Reinforcement: If you don't get stuck, you aren't wheeling, you aren't testing your limits and the limits of your vehicle. There is no shame in getting stuck, but it is a shame to dent your freshly painted hood. A simple reinforcement of the hood area can prevent dents that damage the paint.
Pieces & Parts - Frame and Bumper Fab : Fame and bumper fabrication for the Jeep Tech Editors CJ-2A Project Pieces & Parts. Ideas on building a stout flat fender frame and bumpers for a minimalist.
Frame Boxing and Gusseting : The frame work for Project Pieces and Parts wasn't done after simply chopping up and splicing together the '73 Commando frame to flat fender specifications. There was still a large frame crack to fix near the front spring mount, the splices to reinforce, body mounts to build, and some frame boxing to do.
On-Board Air: Obi-Wan shares his Jedi knowledge on converting a York air-conditioning compressor for on-board air. A complete page on building on on-board air system with links to many other great on-board air articles.
Hi-Lift/Jack-All Mount: Terry Morris shows us how he securely mounted his Hi-Lift jack, out of the elements and out of the way.
Simple CJ Frame Fix: Many '76-'86 CJs you look at will be suffering some frame rust around the rear spring hanger. Eventually, this rust will become severe and the rear spring hanger will rip off, especially under hard use. Fixing this problem is not as hard or expensive as you might think.
Jeep Heater Motor Upgrade: Keep out the winter cold by upgrading your heater motor to a high output one from an early 70s Chevy truck.
Flat Fender Look: Mark Sailer contributes information on giving you round fender CJ or Wrangler the flat fender look. It not only looks cool, it increases tire clearance and gives you a tighter turning radius.
Jeep CJ Spare Parts Tire Carrier: Keep an entire front axle outer on your spare tire carrier!
Jeep CJ Mirror Quick Release : A Low buck way to quickly move your mirrors out of the way when you're on the trail or in the garage.

Factory Options

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