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Jeep Tech: Transfer Cases

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Transfer case swaps are discussed below. The following articles cover some upgrades that can be performed on Jeep transfer cases.

Tera Mfg 3.15:1 Low Range Gear Set for Dana 20 and 18 Transfercases : Low gears are important for nearly every type of 4-wheeling, especially rock crawling. Using Tera Manufacturing transfer case gears in a 4x4 equipped with a Dana transfercase is probably the easiest, most cost-effective way to substantially increase crawl ratio without ruining highway drivability.
2.46:1 Low Range Dana 20 : The cast iron case, gear-driven Jeep Dana 20 is one of the most common and sturdy transfer cases around. The 2.03:1 low range is the Dana 20's downfall. A combination of Dana 18 and Early Bronco Dana 20 gears is easy to swap in for a 2.46:1 low range.
Saturn/Warn Over Drive : Information on the Saturn Overdrive (originally produced by Warn) which is a bolt on 0.75:1 overdrive for Jeeps equipped with the Dana 18 transfer case.


Most of the transfer cases used in Jeep vehicles are at least strong units. Most Jeepers cannot leave well enough alone though and there are some interesting swap options. The main reason to perform a swap would be to get a better low range or to change the location of the outputs.

Atlas front Atlas: The Atlas transfer case is a new development from Advanced Adapters. It is gear driven with an aluminum case. The internals are similar to a Dana 300 except it has a low range reduction of 3.7:1 and lower.
Scout 300 back Scout Dana 300: The Scout Dana 300 can be a great low buck upgrade for Jeeps that are equipped with a Dana 20 transfer case.


The following pages are being developed to help you find parts from other makes that can be useful in your Jeep.

Ford : One Ford truck part that might be of interest to the Jeep owner is the Ford Dana 20. This transfer case is much different from the Jeep Dana 20, but parts from it can be used to get a Jeep Dana 20 with a better low range.
GM : GM cars and trucks are even more common and inexpenive than Ford parts. Since most Jeeps do not use GM parts though, it is a bit harder to find uses for GM parts.
International Harvester : International Harvester trucks used the Dana 18, Dana 20, and Dana 300 transfer cases. If you are having a hard time finding Jeep parts, it might be easier to look for IH parts.
Dodge : Dodge trucks are fairly expensive and harder to find than parts from other manufactures. Their use is limited in Jeeps.

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