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Drive Train

1948 CJ-2A drivers side


The CJ-2A was the first civilian Jeep. It was produced from July 17th 1945 through 1949. It looks similar to a M38, CJ-3A, or MB, but it has flush mounted head lights and the wind shield is made with round tubing. The windshield is split were as the CJ-3A uses a one piece wind shield (except for some export versions), is made with square tubing, and is taller above the glass. CJ-2A tubs are compatible with the M38, CJ-3A, and MB tubs, but there are cosmetic differences. All of them used the "Go Devil" L head 134 I4 engine.

1948 CJ-2A passenger side


Early versions of the CJ-2A (until 1946 serial number 38220) were produced with a column shift T-90. The later versions of the CJ-2A were produced with "three on the floor" rather than "three on the tree." Some early CJ-2As also had the Spicer 23-2 rear end and shovel and axe grooves on the drivers side like one would find on the MB. Later CJ-2As had a Dana 41 rear end and no grooves on the drivers side.

Drive Train

The CJ-2A used the "Go Devil" L-Head 134 I4 engine. Early CJ-2As were equipped with a column shift T-90 3 speed while later models used a floor shift version. The 26 tooth small hole Dana/Spicer 18 transfer case was used. The front axle was a Dana/Spicer 25 with drum brakes. Early CJ-2As used the full-floating Dana/Spicer 23-2 while later models used the semi-floating Dana/Spicer 41.

Production Information

Serial Number Locations

Serial numbers are located on the out side of the left front frame horn, behind the bumper. An exception to this is the first 100 or so 1945s where the frame tag is on the inside frame horn reinforcement like the MBs.

The engine number was located at the front of the engine block on the water pump boss.

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