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Drive Train


CJ-6 front side

The CJ-6 was produced from 1958 through 1975.

CJ-6 back side

Drive Train


The original engine offered in the CJ-6 was the "Hurricane" F-Head 134 I4. The first optional engine offerred for the CJ-6 was the Perkins 192 I4 diesel followed by the "Dauntless" Buick 225 V6. When AMC purchased Jeep from Kaiser, they soon made the AMC 232, 258, and 304 available in the CJ-6.


The T-90 3 speed was the standard transmission for the CJ-6 for many years. It's close brother, the T-86 3 speed was used with CJ-6s with the Dauntless V6. The T-14 replaced the T-90 and later the beefy T-98 was an optional 4 speed for the CJ-6 until 1971 when the T-18 became the optional 4 speed.

Transfer Case

The CJ-6 used the Dana 18 from '58 until '71. From '72-'75 they used the Dana 20.

Front Axle

The CJ-6 was first offered with the Dana 25 until 1965. The Dana 27 replaced it and was used until 1971. From 1972-1975, the Dana 30 was used in the CJ-6.

Rear Axle

The Dana 44 with two piece shafts was used in the CJ-6 until mid-1970. A Dana 44 with one piece shafts replaced it after that.

Production Information

Serial Number Locations

For CJ-5s manufactured from 1955 through 1970, The vehicle serial number is stamped on a metal plate located on the firewall, under the hood, on the passenger side.

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tommy (6/8/2012)
I got a 1976 cj-6 been looking for info. Like how many was made in76

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