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Jeep Transmissions: T-98, T-18, T-18A

T-18 front T-18 side T-18 back

Jeep Trans


Jeep Trans

Factory Options

The T-18 is a heavy duty four speed with unsynchronized first gear. These transmissions were manufactured by Borg Warner and they have a cast iron case. The casting number on the drivers side of the T-18 is T-18 or 13-01. The T-18 has a 1 1/8" 10 spline input shaft and a 1 3/8" 6 spline output.

The T-98 has a very similar appearance to the T-18 except a casting number of T98. It is heavy duty like the T-18, but a bit more prone to wear since bearings and lubrication are not as good. Internals from a T-18 can be put in a T-98 case. The side picture above is actually a T-98 with granny T-18 guts. The T-98 has a 1 1/16" 10 spline input shaft and 1 3/8" 6 spline output.

1979 T-18 T-18s used after 1978 have reverse down by fourth and earlier T-18s have reverse up by third. The shape of the case is also different with the '79+ cases for the different reverse configuration. On the right is a T-18 out of a '79 CJ-5. The blue T-18 in the picture above is out of a '78 CJ-5. Notice the later T-18 has a flat side rather than the bulging side of the earlier T-18. Both versions have a PTO port on the drivers side.

The T-18s used in full size Jeeps(FSJs) such as the Chorokee, Wagoneer, and J-series pickups use a transmission to bell housing adapter. Three basic variations exist with different adapters.

  • Early 70s T-18s use a 1" cast iron adapter with a deep AMC bell housing. The bell housing is the same as the bell housing used with the T-15.
  • Later 70s FSJs with V8 engines use a 5" aluminum adapter and a AMC T-15 bell housing. There are pictures of this version below.
  • Later 70s FSJs with I6 engines use a shoter aluminum adapter and a AMC T-15 bell housing.

The different adapter means a different length input shaft is used. The input shaft size and spline count is consistent for all the Jeep T-18s, but the pilot bushing size varies. The different adapters used with the later V8 and I6 engine where presumably used to keep the drive shaft lengths consistent regardless of engine.

All Jeep T-18s come with a 1" adapter for the Dana 20 transfer case except the T-18 used in 1980 and 1981 J-20 pickups. These trucks used the NP208 transfer case and the adapter for the NP208 is around 9" long and it uses a round bolt pattern. The output shaft of this version of the T-18 is 23 spline. The Dana 20 version of the T-18 has the big hole "Texas" bolt pattern and 6 spline output shaft.

FSJ T-18 A picture of a wide ratio T-18 from a J-10 pickup with the 360 V8. The Dana 20 is still attached. The spacer measures approximately 5" long.
FSJ T-18 From the passenger side, you can see the long transmission to bell housing adapter attached and the long linkage used for this combo.
FSJ T-18 From the passenger side again with the transmission to bell housing adapter removed. The adapter length and input shaft length are different depending on engine combination. The adapter bolts to a long AMC bell housing.
FSJ T-18 A slightly different angle on the adapter.


The T-18 was optional on CJs from 1971-1979. The T-18A version used from 1977-1979 is the best transmission ever put in a CJ by the factory since it features a granny low first gear(6:32:1.) Earlier T-18s have the same great strength, but a 4.03:1 first. The T-98 is the predecessor to the T-18 that was an option for CJs from 1955-1970.

Other Jeep trucks also had the T-98 as an option from 1955-1970, the close ratio T-18 optional from 1971-1975, and the wide ratio T-18 from 1976-1979. After 1979, the wide ratio T-18 was only avilable as an option in the J-20 pickup truck from 1980-1981. This version of the T-18 has the round New Process bolt pattern and 23 spline output, but the adapter is long for a short wheel base Jeep. Earlier T-18s and T-98s used the "Texas" bolt pattern and 6 spline output. The truck version of the T-18 uses a long input shaft compared to the T-98 or CJ T-18s.

Transmission 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Rev
T-98 6.40 3.09 1.69 1.00 N/A
T-18 4.02 2.41 1.41 1.00 4.73
T-18A 6.32 3.09 1.69 1.00 7.44


CJ and FSJ photos courtesy of Jeepin' Joe Heinrich. '79 CJ-5 T-18 picture courtesy Kirk Beasley.

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Tony (7/7/2013)
Can the PTO from a T-98 bolt to a T-18 gear set ?

Sam Fisher (5/20/2013)
What would I need to change if I put a Ford T18 4spd to my 360 V8 in my 75 CJ5? I have a DANA 20 tcase.

Martijn (3/5/2012)
Hi there,
i'm looking for a new front bearing retainer as shown in second to last foto in the above article. Can you help me out ?

NM4x4 (9/7/2011)
I have a T-18 1B out of an early J truck per Novak Jeep conversions. It has the Texas bolt pattern, but was made by Jeep not Ford.

Kenny Kalbach (8/23/2011)
will a t-18 or t-98 bolt up to a dauntless 225 v-6 with a dana 20 in a 71 jeepster

Kevin Scobie (8/8/2011)
I have a 1985 CJ 7 with a T-176 tranny. Can I do a straight swap with a T-18 tranny

Chris (7/3/2011)
can the guts of a T-98 be put into a t-18?

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