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Drive Train

Willys-Overland Wagon Drivers Side


The Station and Delivery Wagons were produced from 1946 through 1965.

Willys-Overland Wagon Passenger Side


ModelBasic Variations
Jeep Station Wagon
2-Wheel Drive
Jeep 4x4 Utility Wagon Utility Wagon, Cowl and Windshield,
and Flat Faced Cowl
Jeep Panel Delivery
2-Wheel Drive - 4-Wheel Drive
Panel Delivery 2wd, Flat Faced Cowl,
Cowl and Windshield, and Traveler


Width68" (SD) 72" (SW)
Front Tread57"
Rear Tread57"
Gross Weight4500 lbs (ex 4x2 SW 4300 lbs.)
YearModelCurb Weight
19494x2 SW2898 lbs.
19636-230 4x4 UW3345 lbs
19636-230 4x4 UD3147 lbs
1963F4-134 4x4 UW3228 lbs
1963F4-134 4x4 UD3030 lbs
19636-230 4x2 UW3106 lbs
19636-230 4x2 UD2998 lbs
1963F4-134 4x2 UW2993 lbs
1963F4-134 4x2 UD2881 lbs

Historical Notes & Items of Interest

Willys do Brasil was producing 2wd and 4wd Station Wagons called the Rural in 1960. The Rural had a different front fenders, hood, grille, and taillights. Brooks Stevens contributed to their unique front end appearance.

Drive Train



Transfer Case

Front Axle

Rear Axle

Production Information

Special Wagons

Later Production Information

6-230 4x4 Station Wagon (Utility Wagon)
6-230 4x2 Sedan Delivery (Utility Delivery)
6-230 4x4 Sedan Delivery (Utility Delivery)
6-230 4x4 Flat Face Cowl
6-230 4x4Cowl and Windshield
6-230 4x4 Stripped Chassis
6-230 4x2 Station Wagon (Utility Wagon)
54178-10001 and up
54277-10001 and up
54278-10001 and up
54478-10001 and up
54578-10001 and up
54678-10001 and up
58177-10001 and up
* The VJ-2 is included in this serial number range.
** Serial numbers consecutive with 1955 production.
*** Production data not availible.

Serial Number Locations

Serial numbers are located on the identifiaction plate located near the bottom rear of the left hand door frame.

F-134 - Located on tap water pump boss at upper front end of cylinder block.

L-226 - Located near left front corner of cylinder block above generator.

Tornado 230 - Located near lower front right corner of cylinder block.

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