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Drive Shafts
Transfer Cases
Gear and Tire Swaps: Gear and tire changes effect RPMs and speed. This Java applet calculates MPH and KPH for various gearing and tire set ups and prints tabular and graphical output.
Speedometer Recalibration: Gear and tire swaps can throw off your speedometer. This article explains how to recalibrate your speedometer.
Metric Tire Conversion: This article explains how to convert metric tire sizes (e.g. 235/75R15) into inches. It includes a Java applet that will do the math for you.

Thanks to the Following Contributors

One person cannot possibly acquire and photograph all the Jeep junk in the world. If you have pictures of parts that are not covered, or you think you can take a better picture than what we have, please email me. Identification and other information would also be appreciated.

  • Rick Boiros (RBOIROS@oceanspray.com) - photos and loads of technical swap information
  • Daniel Regan (DanielR@renaissance.co.nz) - lots of great early CJ drivetrain photos
  • Joseph Heinrich (heinrich@emba.uvm.edu) - T-18 & Scout Dana 300 stuff
  • David Moulton (moulton@loki.atcon.com) - BA 10/5 pictures
  • Dave Peterson (dpeterso@tuclcl.Tucson.IHS.GOV) - NV4500 pictures
  • Darren Perkins (dperk@seka.nacs.net) - NV4500 pictures
  • Jeff Layton (jslayton@maroon.us.dell.com) - NV4500 pictures
  • Mark Sailer (mcs@mercury.pita.org) - axle codes
  • Edward Stevens (stevens2@NorthNet.org) - axle codes
  • Walter Fil (walter@object-oriented.com) - Bunch of Quadra-Trac info
  • Timithy Weldon (tim@ai.com) - Quadra-Trac info
  • Terry Rust (trust@lanl.gov) - Quadra-Trac info
  • Paul Weitlauf (paul.e.weitlauf@boeing.com) - Dana 25/27 info
  • Dale Chaudiere (jeep@tc.fluke.com) - Dana 25/27 info
  • Daniel "DanO" Andrella (viking@onecom.com) - 1986 Dana 44 serial number info
  • Tom Johnston (rtj@fhso.navy.mil> - TJ Dana 44 info
  • Joe Schaefer (joes@olympus.net) - Dana 60 pictures and axle black and whites
  • Russ Wylie (cercle@voicenet.com) - T-86 info
  • Predator Four Wheel Drive, Colorado Springs, CO. - allowed photos
  • Tennent Road Automotive, Morganville, N.J. - allowed photos
  • Numerous others on the Offroad and Jeep Lists.

Piles of books were also used to research the information in these pages.

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