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Jeep Engine: AMC 401 V8

AMC 401

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Factory Options

The AMC 401 was introduced in 1974 as an optional engine for the J-series pickups and Wagoneers. It has a cast iron block and cylinder head with over head valves and hydraulic lifters.

AMC 401 V8
Bore x Stroke4.165" x 3.68"
Displacement401 (6.57L)
Compression Ratio8.35:1
Horsepower (net)215@4400
Torque (net)320@2800
Main Bearings5
Valve ConfigurationOHV


Photos courtesy Christo Slee.

AMC 401

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James (2/12/2012)
I had thus issue after installing a new carb. I forgot to set the float height. The jeep would die after about 4 miles or so. Try setting the floats, might do the trick.

Rosalie sears (1/29/2012)
My brother has a 1982 CJ5 jeep pickup with a 360 V8 engine. He is having trouble with it shutting down every two miles. It restarts after setting a few minutes,then does it again. He has checked the catylic converter,put in a new fuel pump,coil,distriubter and a new brain box(as He calls it)on the fire wall. Any ideals would be most welcome. Needs it running. Thank you. my e-mail address is jimrosalie.sears@g-mail.com

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