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Swapping T-18 into your Jeep

by Terry L. Howe

Ford T-18 side



Jeep Trans

Factory Options

The T-18 is such a popular swap for Jeeps because, in many cases, it can be installed for less money than any other heavy duty granny low transmission. The reason for this is the input bearing retainer size and input shaft length are right for '76-'86 CJs for the Ford and Jeep version. There are many different versions of the T-18 though and many pros and cons to the use of the different versions. Your choice of T-18 will depend on first on what Jeep you have and second on what T-18 you can find at a reasonable price.


Generally, Wranglers with the NP231 or NP207transfer case will be best of converting a 2WD Ford T-18. A special bell housing can be purchased or a CJ bell housing can be used (some modifications may be necessary.) It might be best to take the opportunity to upgrade transfer cases for Wranglers with the NP207.

Dana 300

CJs with the Dana 300 are also generally best off converting the 2WD Ford T-18. Often, the stock bell housing can be used or modified to work with the Ford T-18.

Dana 20

For CJs with the Dana 20, it really depends on on what can be found at what price. The Jeep CJ T-18 may be the best option, but it is hard to find. It might be better to convert a Ford T-18 and swap in a Dana 300 to get a better low range.

Dana 18

Things get much more complicated for people with a Dana 18. Finding bell housings that are compatible with the T-18 for engines used 1971 and earlier can be extremely difficult. A special bell housing may have to be purchased. If you have a Buick 225 V6 or are planning a Chevy engine swap, most likely it would be better to go with a Chevy transmissions.

Another thing to note is the Jeep T-18 is only compatible with the large hole Dana 18. One the plus side, the you won't find a shorter heavy duty four speed than the Jeep CJ T-18 which can be an issue for the short Jeeps that used the Dana 18.

Scout Dana 300

The ultimate low buck, junk yard, bolt in swap is the Jeep T-18 and Scout Dana 300. Problem is the wide ratio Jeep T-18 is fairly rare and the Scout Dana 300 rarer yet. It isn't likely someone is going to sell you these parts cheap if they know what they are.

T-18 Swap Stories

It seems there are an infinite number of ways you can get a T-18 in your Jeep. Here are some articles on common T-18 swaps:

Swapping a CJ T-18 into a CJ : Kirk Beasley tells us how to swap a CJ T-18 into your CJ. Detailed descriptions of the parts you need to do the swap.
Ford T-18 Swap : Steve Smith swaps a Ford T-18 into his '83 CJ-7. Swapping a Ford T-18 into your 80s CJ will give you a tremendous improvement in reliability and peformance.

T-18 Identification

The T-18 has been used in Jeeps, Fords, and International Harvesters. Since T-18s were used in so many different trucks, it can be a bit daunting to go out and find one. The following articles cover some things to look for to find the T-18 you need.

T-18 side Jeep T-18 : The T-18 was used in '72-'79 CJs and full size Jeeps until 1981.
Ford T-18 Ford T-18 : Ford used the T-18 in trucks from the mid 60s until the mid 80s.
International T-18 : International used the T-18 in Scouts and IH light line trucks from the mid 60s until 1974.

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