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International Havester Transmissions

by Terry L. Howe


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International Harvester truck fans are big into line setting tickets. A line setting ticket identifies all the parts that were used to build the original truck. The line setting ticket uses special IH codes to identify these parts and this table has been compiled to cross reference those codes with the manufactures model number. If you purchase an IH truck it may come with a line setting ticket or you could still purchase the line setting ticket for your truck. The line setting ticket may still be in the glove box or behind the glove box.

Some confusion can be generated by the IH codes because the numbers seem similar to model numbers used by the manufacture. For example, a transmission with the IH T-14 designation is different from Borg-Warners T-14, the IH T-14 is a T-90.

Scout Transmissions

IH CodeVendor and ModelWhen Used
13013 or T-13Warner Gear T-90, 3 Speed2WD, Scout 80, 800, and II thru '74
13014 or T-14Warner Gear T-90, 3 Speed4WD Scout 80, 800, and II thru '74
13039 or T-39Borg Warner 11 AutomaticScout 800 and II thru '72
13044 or T-44Warner Gear T-18 4 Speed2WD Scout 800 and II thru '75
13045 or T-45Warner Gear T-18, 4 SpeedScout 800 and II thru '75
13332 or T-332Warner Gear T-15D, 3 Speed, Synchro low'75 and later
13407 or T-407Chrysler A727 Automatic'73 and later
13427 or T-427Warner Gear T-19, 4 Speed Wide Ratio, Synchro Low.'75 & on
13428 or T-428Warner Gear T-19, 4 Speed Close Ratio Synchro Low'75 & on

Disclaimer from Howard Pletcher: Years and Models are from memory, may not be 100% accurate.


IH T-18: The IH T-18 can be useful for parts or swap into a Jeep vehicle.


Thanks to Howard R Pletcher of Navistar (formerly part of International) for help with the International identification codes.

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Cy Green (1/23/2013)
I have a 66 scout. the trans seems jammed and will not move thru the gears. Any clues?

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